Your problem isn’t your idea. It isn’t your words. It isn’t your lack of credentials or your fledgling platform. It’s your pitch

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Urgency Is the #1 Missing Ingredient for Your Pitch

We writers are sorcerers of the word. We pair words for a love match. Words dance and mingle, flirt, and seduce us into an immersive whirlwind. …

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My daughter has a thing for words said out loud. It might be that, at eight, she has a power to make anything fun. But I think it’s more than that.

Hearing her play with these words in her mouth, rolling them around and laughing with them. Well it’s just joy.

Conjure the wisdom of Mister Rogers and your Grandma.

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Now, Facebook’s algorithm has changed. Again.

FACEBOOK prioritizes personal pages and original content.

What does this mean? Let’s dig in.

Here are five steps to curating a winning engagement Facebook profile.

1. ORIGINAL CONTENT ONLY. Never ever cut/paste into your post. Even if you’re cutting from a Word doc or another…

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You may be writing from the heart but your book is not your baby.

The book proposal is the marketing plan and the sales forecast. It positions your book and compares you to all other writers. It must glitter.

Picture our friendly literary agent.

She’s paid only on sales. She spends her days on her current clients’ work. She’s pitching those writers to publishers. And she still hasn’t been paid for that work. …

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The simple act of holding hands is healing. //Photo by Gert Stockmans on Unsplash

Welcoming life’s experiences: a craving, a dance, a hug, a question, a laugh, a sob, and sweet LOVE!

Your grandma is always the wisest person in the room.
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